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HONESTY IS ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY: I always tell the truth, that way I don't have to remember what I said!  I offer honest and complete advice, even when it may not benefit me financially. In the long run, honesty, hard work, and dedicated service always pay off -- I've seen it my 45+ years of experience in this field. I'm not satisfied until you are, and I'll never try to push a particular property or a particular decision on anyone.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS: I've sold real estate in this area in the 80's and 90's and continuously since 2008, and I've also worked in other international markets. I draw on those experiences to bring insight and observation to every situation I encounter with my clients.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: No one pays closer attention to who's buying, what's selling, what's hot, and what's not. And if I don't have an answer for you, I'll let you know that. And then I'll find your answer immediately.

PERSONALITY COUNTS: Most of my repeat clients (and they almost always become repeat clients) say that my personality is what brings them back. I'm not a comedian or a slick entertainer, but rather an honest, steady, respectable individual who values friendships and believes in the general decency of most people. My actions are guided by those beliefs, and business has prospered as a result. I won't be changing.

HARD WORK NEVER HURT ANYONE: Honest and respect goes a long way, but it never replaces hard work. There are times in the real estate process that require long hours, long days, persistence, and paperwork. I understand that I'm being paid to handle those details ... so that my clients never have to.

YOU'RE THE BOSS: I'm an advocate. For you. I don't forget for whom I'm working, and I try hard to understand your needs, so that I can meet and exceed them. I'm available and ready to talk whenever you are, and I'll answer your questions immediately and completely.
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